Welcome to the Instinct for Film blog.  This is where you’ll find all sorts of unique and interesting media from Instinct for Film.  You can expect to find media that will be entertaining, educational, in the media, news about movies we’re working on, and some behind the scenes content.

We like to have fun and explore interesting and educational, sometimes serious topics on the blog.  We’ve already taken a look at Direwolves, how wolves hunt, our new wolf pups, and more!  We specialize in working with wolves but we work with a lot of different animals as well.  From bears to lions and many more animals, we love them all.  We’ll be looking to feature articles on all sorts of animals and animal issues as we see fit.  If you’d like to see a topic featured in the blog, let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

We’re just getting started here, so make sure to check back often as we’ll be posting pictures, videos, and interesting articles all relating to the animals that we love.

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