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Belle et Sébastien: the adventure continues

Belle et Sébastien: the adventure continues

A franchise is born and Instinct is proud to be a part of the success story of Belle et Sebastien. Once again back in the Alps for the second instalment with trainers and dogs and bears oh my!

Written by Juliette Sales and Fabien Suarez (and still in the same vein as the original series by Cécile Aubry), the story begins in September 1945. In the village, people have been celebrating the end of the war. Sébastien has grown up – he is now ten years old. He and Belle can’t wait for Angelina to come back... But Angelina never returns. She has disappeared in a plane crash in the middle of the trans-alpine forest. The whole village has given up hope. The whole village apart from César, that is: Sébastien’s grandfather knows a man who may be able to help them find Angelina again. But before they save the young woman, the young boy and his dog will have to brave countless dangers, undergo countless ordeals and face up to a secret – a secret that is set to change Belle and Sébastien’s lives forever...

Directed by - Christian Dugay Written by - Juliette Sales & Fabien Suarez

Andrew has an instinct that goes way beyond the normality, he has the ability to look through people's sight and read their mind...

Christian Dugay, Director on Belle et Sebastien the adventure continues

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Andrew Simpson and the Instinct team was involved with the filming and production of the prequel to this movie, which was released in late 2013.