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Wolf Pups Are Here!

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 We Welcome the New Wolf Pups!

We’re very excited to welcome some new members to the wolf pack.  These cute wolf pups (also called whelps) won’t stay small for long, Instinct’s new wolf pups are growing fast!  Already 4 months old and getting bigger by the day.  With one film shoot under their belts and another on their way, this little pack is making the instinct family proud.  Keep checking back to catch up on the adventures of Handsome Bob, Sparta, Pete, and Wall-E!  These pups are full of energy and excitement.  It won’t be long before these young animal actors are adding to their resumes and getting more roles on television and the big screen!

Our wolf pups share a lot in common with their wild wolf pup companions, but as actors, they have more responsibilities on their paws.

Here is a list of the duties of an Instinct wolf pup:

  1. Eat
  2. Play
  3. Learn
Wild Wolf Pups

Wild wolf pups are typically born in a wolf den, in litters averaging between four and six pups.  While they are in the den, they nurse and generally stay with their mother.  Within a month, they are ready to explore life beyond the den.  In only three short months, wolf pups will be ready to join the pack on hunts.  For the first few hunts with the pack, the young pups won’t be required to participate beyond watching and learning how the pack operates.  By the time the wolves reach eight months of age, they’ll be ready to fully participate in hunts with the pack.

They’ve already outgrown these cute pictures!  Check the little pack out as they play with Sally!


Behind the Scenes
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