Wolf Trainer Reddit AMA Recap


I recently hosted an AMA on Reddit on what it takes to be a wolf trainer! It was educational, informative, and a lot of fun.  With over 4500 upvotes, and 926 comments, it was quite successful as well!  It was fun to see how much interest the general public has in wolves, wolf training, and how wolves are used in film and television.  In case you missed it, here are some of the top questions and answers from the AMA:


How many wolf actors are there?

wolf talent

Which breed is most like a wolf?


Have you ever refused work?

wolf safety

How do you select your wolf puppies?
socialization 2
Thoughts on wolf hybrids as pets


How big is Quigley?

quigley size

Training methods of a wolf trainer

positive reinforcement

What is the paperwork like?


Why is Ghost not onscreen more often?

on set preparation

How to behave around wolves on set

how to behave

Consulting on set


There were a lot of great questions asked during the AMA.  We covered a lot of information including breeding, wolf selection, wolf safety, and many more topics.  It was fun to do such a unique style of interview with such an engaged and interested audience.  If you want to read more, take a look at the AMA as there are many many more questions and comments worth reading!